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HeartWell Integrative Resources LLC exists to empower you to function optimally in relationships, thrive in your work and workplace, and grow through circumstances and transitions.  Our goal is to positively impact families for generations through individual counseling, premarital counseling, and marriage counseling and to effectively prepare future therapists to do the same.


  • We believe that all of us have strengths that can be leveraged when we don't think or feel our best, when life is difficult, and when we have to navigate challenging relationships. 

  • ​We believe in the commonality of humankind and the uniqueness of every client.

  • We believe that emotionally and spiritually healthy individuals are the building blocks of strong families.

  • We believe in the distinctiveness of marriage relationships.

  • We believe that healthy family relationships positively impact the larger society.

We offer you an opportunity to gain perspective, learn new skills, and practice alternative ways of thinking, being, and interacting.  

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