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Plan Ahead for Holiday Harmony

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least it can be when you're on the same page. There are some couple conflicts that can push their way to the forefront during the holiday season, and talking about them ahead of time can help you do life together with less tension and stress.

Talk About It

At the beginning of the year, plan for the holiday season at the end of the year. The number of and intensity of conflicts during the holidays can be reduced with clear, effective communication BEFORE the holidays arrive.  It allows for expectations to be shared and plans to be made.  A few areas you'd want to consider are:

1) Finances - How much money do you spend?  What/who do you spend it on? What are your priorities?

2) Logistics - Where and with whom do you spend the holidays? In blended families, do you have the kids or are they with others? For newly married couples, who is included in your new family unit?

3) Traditions- What kinds of family-of-origin traditions will be a part of your family holiday? Are there family traditions that you want to replicate, establish, or change? For non-newlywed couples, do you do what you've always done? Are particular holidays more important to you than others?

This forethought can decrease the number of potential anxiety-provoking discussions and scenarios that occur DURING the holidays and leave more room for treasured memories to be created, blessings to be counted, and love to be freely expressed.

We Can Help

Discussing matters that are important to you or about which you are intensely passionate can sometimes be difficult. We're here to help you verbalize your needs, hear each other, and do life together well. Contact us at 800-305-2089 to get started. #marriagegoals #prepareforforever #readyforlove #strongerrelationships


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